UTSAB Saraswati Puja 2019


We wish to convey our heartfelt thanks to everyone for taking the time out to come and be a part of our Saraswati Puja at Crofton Halls on 10th of February, 2019. It was your love and support that made our puja a grand success and multiplied our happiness infinitely.

You can catch some selected moments here. Photo credit goes to Mr. Argya Basu, our very own passionate photographer of the UTSAB family.

As a team, we aim to extend you our warmest welcome and offer you a great time to spend with us and the community at large. We are a young team and have a long way to go and believe we have lots to learn. So, we would request your kind presence and support in all our future endeavours and would highly appreciate if you have any suggestions or recommendations. Please feel free to email us to let us know at info@utsablondon.org

Thanking You Once Again,

Kind Regards,
Team Utsab


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