About Us

Utsab London’ is a thriving Asian non-profit community organisation established in the leafy south-east London suburb of Orpington, Bromley. We are dedicated to bringing the fun we had in childhood in India to our next generation through various socio-cultural events. It is our humble endeavor that our younger generation appreciates the beauty of our rich cultural heritage and join hands to ensure our rich cultural legacy continues to enthrall the world. Durga puja transcends all barriers creating for us a home away from home. Please join us in this magnificent celebration of life as part of the UTSAB family. We also proudly promote the British values: democracy; the rule of law; individual liberty; mutual respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and for those without faith.

The word ‘Utsab’ (also spelled Utsav) is a Bengali word which means ‘Festival’. Here at ‘Utsab’ we invite everyone to come together and enjoy the festivities all around the year, stay together and help each other on difficult times – our friends are our extended family in this land.

Utsab family aims to help promote our dual identities of being a “British-Bengali” – and not a fashionable “BONG”. We promote more face-to-face interactions and warmth generally found in a Bengali household – where nobody feels like an outsider.

Utsab family strives to create “memories” and not more mere “events” .We trust in creating evergreen friendship so that we can lean on each other for support in this distant land away from our dear ones. We believe in creating a bigger UTSAB family, and not just a “Bengali community” – our friends are our extended family in this land.

UTSAB family is run by you – your motto is to build a relationship, and make everyone feel part of the journey. The fun is in the journey, not reaching the destination. We value everyone’s sentiment, every difference and every opinion. We aim to create that neighborhood / your own পাড়ার ক্লাব, you left behind while boarding the flight to the UK.

Utsab London’ is also committed to help the local/Indian organisations doing charitable activities and integrate with residents in and around. We have committed to donate a portion of the surplus funds to a charity of our choice.